Cahners Evolves its Vortal

By James Caldwell | Published: January 3rd, 2009

Cahners wanted to be the ‘E-business Portal’. They enjoyed a mix of advanced technology and they had a tremendous amount of wholly owned content to make it an ultimate business vortal destination.



Client Bio

A leading provider of specialized business information through electronic media.

Personal History

This is a project that would have kept everyone busy for a great long time, but in the end, Cahners made the choice not go through with a massive redesign of all its online properties.


‘To become the number one Business Vortal’


Branding of properties into a Meta, Vortal, Zine, and Article levels. Leveraging the authors of each inpidual magazine to define an authority. Cross-pollination of information from related brands and from the ‘elogic’ content aggregation engine.

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