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Framing the Right Questions

By James Caldwell | Published: March 31st, 2009

I recently attended a workshop headed by Peter Jones of reDESIGNreSEARCH whose company focuses on better design through in depth research. He also manages a website Designing with Dialogue which promotes a Toronto-based ‘dialogue community of practice’ which advocates better methods for communication.

Leadership Choices

Leadership Choices

Jane Fulton Suri of IDEO

By James Caldwell | Published: February 2nd, 2009

I recently went to see Jane Fulton Suri speak at the Ontario College of Art and Design, she is the Chief Creative Director of IDEO which is a California-based design firm. She comes from a background in human factors psychology and architecture and is a one of the people championing and trying to evolve human-centred design methods. She has been a contributing author for several periodicals and also published her own book, ‘Thoughtless Acts?’.