Why 418 QE?

How did I get here?

I have always wanted to consolidate my work and my thoughts on the broad nature of design. But until recent years, the technology was not really in place. Of course the advent of computers being commonplace was a help but rich open source CMS software did not exist, much less with a satisfactory level of technological finesse or client side usability. But I wouldn’t want to blame technology for my late entrance, instead I think I was waiting for the ‘perfect storm’. And it happened.

Why 418QE?

A few months ago I moved back from New York City where I had been for the last eleven years to my home town of Toronto. After a couple of months of unboxing and home renovations I quietly set out to introduce myself back into the Toronto design community. And just as I was doing this, the financial meltdown and economic crises that began in the States started to affect Canada. And I said to myself, “What a great opportunity to start my personal site!”

Now I wish it were as easy as just committing to a goal and flipping the switch but I have had a few learning curves to overcome and a bit of sleuthing to accomplish before I launched this site. First, I had to acquire my preferred CMS software. I read up on the various options and ended up selecting WordPress – which I now conclude was a fine choice. Second, I had to locate old design work to showcase. Now this task took me way too long and I consider myself extremely organized, but it is now water under the bridge. And third, I needed to devise an editorial structure that could evolve with me as time progressed. Now that these three basic tasks are done I have started fleshing out the image content and editorial articles which you will soon be able to read.

What is 418QE?

I have had a corporate site Thirst since 1995, but I have always wanted a place to showcase my ideas and non-commercial design work. To that end, I acquired 418QE in 2008. My hopes are to start an informative design dialogue with designers, their clients and some of the newly graduated joining the ranks with lessons learned through many years of experience.

Email Me

I will endeavor to reply to all email that I receive. So please send your comments or questions along, I’m always happy to hear from you.