Canadian Living Redesign

After too many years of different people leading the art direction for this magazine and influencing it’s graphic language in one direction or another, it had become unfocused and therefore hard to read. Canadian Living hired Roger Black to simplify and bring back editorial content to every page of their publication. Fortunately, Thirst helped with this task.


Canadian Living

Client Bio

A women’s magazine geared towards balancing family life with careers.

Personal History

This was one of the first times Roger Black had called upon me to help him with a redesign and as a bonus he introduced me to another brilliant designer by the name of Maryjane Fahey. It was under her that I learned another perspective about how a redesign could work. Maryjane had everyone excited about the possiblities at launch. I cannot tell you how much easier and enjoyable it makes a job feel, not to mention that the outcome is always better when the task at hand is exciting and everyone wants to be part of it.


To update the format and make the magazine easier to read and more usable.


New, more readable typefaces were introduced, articles were organized so that they were easier to find amongst advertising inserts, a new logo was designed and a new graphic language to help beautify every page was introduced.