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Corktown Newsletter

By James Caldwell | Published: May 19th, 2009

After having moved back to Toronto I wanted to get involved with my community. I live in a part of Toronto called Corktown, which is an historic Old Town neighbourhood in the midst of massive changes. Corktown has immense potential and it is because of this fact that I decided to contribute my time and accept to be part of the ‘Corktown Residents and Business Association’ – (CRBA).

Mourning the Suburb

By James Caldwell | Published: March 10th, 2010

Every so often I get a last minute phone call for help from a friend. In this case Aleksandra needed a promotional poster for a symposium she was organizing to be held at the Prefix Institute for Contemporary Art. The topic was “Mourning the Suburb – A Symposium on Dwelling, in Transition”.

Mourning the Suburb Detail

Mourning the Suburb Detail

A Photographer’s Gallery

By James Caldwell | Published: January 4th, 2009

An artist’s site always captures interest. Their online galleries are often windows into other times or worlds, real or imaginary.

EngageMe: A Fresh Approach

By James Caldwell | Published: January 4th, 2009

EngageMe addresses a key infrastructure shortcoming of today’s Internet: the inability to find people across social networks and communications environments based on interests that users have in common.

Law Firm, Hiltz Szigeti: A New Look

By James Caldwell | Published: January 2nd, 2009

This law firm wanted a more professional look for itself to bring it inline with its practise. They wanted a clean but traditional look. A standard package with basic stationary was included.