A Photographer’s Gallery

An artist’s site always captures interest. Their online galleries are often windows into other times or worlds, real or imaginary.


Marcus Leatherdale

Client Bio

Marcus Leatherdale is a Montreal-born photographer who has been exhibiting for more than 30 years in galleries and museum collections worldwide.

Personal History

This is one of my most enjoyable projects and I have made a great friend in Marcus. For me, there is no work better than that of helping out an artist, especially one as obviously talented as Marcus. It has always been a thrill to see the next unveiling of artwork and the evolution of the portfolio.


To enhance the site and make it more easily updateable.


The old site was almost exclusively blocks of pictures and textual images… a nightmare to update. But it was important to the artist to keep the look and feel of the old site and that is what I did. Within a month, I completely cleaned up the entire site, tweaked the typography and added consistency throughout.