Tag: Photography

  • Family Photo Wall

    I have been prodded by several friends to showcase my ‘Family Photo Wall’ but I don’t really like the idea of placing my personal life on display. However a good friend suggested that I write a brief instructional of how I accomplished this task because they knew that I documented the whole procedure. (Actually they…

  • Designing a Better Gate

    I have always liked metal work and thought that most of what we see while we walk through our communities could be better. I also know that some areas, like mine, or most areas in New York City, have too much metal work and there needs to be a new approach. Now that is all…

  • A Photographer’s Gallery

    An artist’s site always captures interest. Their online galleries are often windows into other times or worlds, real or imaginary.

  • India Trip

    Here are a few of the images from the India trip taken back in 2008.