Designing a Better Gate

I have always liked metal work and thought that most of what we see while we walk through our communities could be better. I also know that some areas, like mine, or most areas in New York City, have too much metal work and there needs to be a new approach. Now that is all fine but most people’s budgets do not allow for new technology or uber-creative metal work.

Never-the-less I am intrigued by people’s imaginations and always get my camera out when I see new (or not so new) examples of gates, fences and doors. India was rich for ideas but the following series of photographs are from Canada and the United States. They are not meant to be art shots, but rather an image log of possibilities. At 418QE I am constantly reminded of how not to use metal for security because the front door area of this house looks like a jail cell more than a welcoming home. The metal bars are here for a purpose but one day they will hopefully be replaced with a more suitable and less gloomy metal or iron gate.