IBM’s w3 Intranet

A portion of IBM’s intranet had to be accessible by a dial-up connection but in keeping with the rest of their intranet. (also design by IAB) This particular micro site was to have everything to entice a sales associate to return regularly for updated information.


IBM Intranet

Client Bio

IBM is the world’s largest information technology company, as well as the world’s largest business and technology services provider and the world’s largest IT financier.

Personal History

I had a wonderful time working on this project with Maria Arbusto (who is now Director, Brand Experience at IBM). It is rare that the client with whom you work is of the exact same understanding, but when this happens it makes the project extremely enjoyable. I wish I would have worked on more projects with Maria.


To redesign areas of IBM’s w3 Corporate Intranet, transforming it into a tool that IBM employees would use on a daily basis.


Extended the reach of the mobile employees at IBM. Encouraged a sense of community and strengthened the employees’ loyalty and commitment. Empowered IBM’s mobile professionals with an easily navigable tool that retrieves information in a timely manner from the Americas Sales and Distribution Site.