MH Media Monitoring

This client had never used any professional resources outside it’s own firm. They were skeptical about the benefits and thought that the cost to produce anything other than photocopies of Wordperfect files was too expensive. After one look at their fourth and fifth generation photocopies I knew I could help them. I explained the best time to use my services and they phoned me when the opportunity came up. This was the result of the first campaign: high impact, low cost mailers and leave behinds.


MH Media Monitoring

Client Bio

A pision of Maclean Hunter, (now Rogers) MH Media Monitoring was the largest media monitoring and distribution service in Canada.

Personal History

Sometimes it is obvious that companies could use some help, and you know that no matter what you do you can improve their image substantially. This is one project that I relished because I knew that I could help them, fit within their budget and improve their image.


To extend the reach of their new electronic monitoring service on a photocopying budget.


Several direct mail campaigns were designed at a very low cost. Most of the pieces were fold-out, accordian-style brochures. For the first time humour was used to announce what would otherwise have been fairly dry information.