Midas hired Thirst for a lot of it’s internal promotional work and bilingual communications. Whether it was cue cards for employee learning or their internal magazine, they wanted to help their company by focusing on their employees enjoyment and sound teaching practises.



Client Bio

Midas is one of the world’s largest providers of automotive services.

Personal History

Simply another great experience, one in which I made a permanent friend of my direct contact. The work at Midas was varied so I had a lot of fun with it and a few pieces, like the magazine, were time driven seasonal tasks that were not only fun to do, but just as important to keep Thirst’s bottom line healthy.


To unify the national spirit of Midas employees.


This was an internal magazine circulated to all Midas shops within Canada. Various feedback mechanisms were used to get the employees to contribute, such as contests, promotions and bragging rights to their own automotive past-times. This magazine was extremely successful, and promoted good faith within the franchises.