My Snowy Life

A few weeks ago my family and friends gathered together to celebrate my birthday. One of the people in attendance was my friend, Keith Branscombe and with him he brought a book he made about his visit to Cuba. I was immediately intrigued and asked him how it all came about. To make a long story short he said it was his first one but that he had another couple that he was still working on.

Snowflake Book Excerpt
Snowflake Book Excerpt

I inquired further about what company he used and if it was fairly easy to do or tedious and difficult. I also asked him how much time it took to understand the process. On all counts he said it was easy but that his first book required a bit more time. He said he used Blurb as the service company and that he really liked the end results. I genuinely enjoyed his book and started to think of a project for myself. At first I was extremely ambitious and thought of all the possibilities but within a week of uncontrolled enthusiasm and ideas I started to develop a single worthwhile book concept.

My idea was to write two personalized children’s books that I could give to my niece and nephew on Christmas day. But shortly after I started the first book I came to the realization that due to time limitations I would only be able to create one.

I was smitten with the idea of a snowflake theme because everyone likes them and they seem to be a perfectly safe and Christmassy topic. The two ideas that I came up with were:

  1. the evolution of snowflakes, Darwin style
  2. the life and times of just one flake

I started to write for both but then, with a little feedback, decided on the latter. I thought that writing about one single snowflake and its life would be a more compelling story than a made-up evolution of snowflakes. I would take the snowflake on his journey from birth to death. (mind you his death would be more of a reincarnation that could be celebrated) Basically the story follows the flake on his journey through life as he ages and goes through physical changes and life experiences. It is obviously a quick read and I hope my one and half year old nephew, Nathan will like it. You can read the entire book by clicking on the ‘cover’ below.

My Snowy Life

After producing this single children’s book I want to acknowledge all those authors and illustrators who made my childhood wondrous. And on a personal note I wish to thank my girlfriend Amrit. She was my sounding board for this endeavor and spent lots of time listening to me and throwing out ideas of her own. I think a true collaboration is in order.





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  1. happenstance

    loved the book, you should allow people to print it out. my son loved it.

  2. Ann

    Let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

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