Sakonnet takes its Energy Online

Sakonnet needed a first strike into the energy market to compete against longer standing risk management software firms. They hired Thirst to help them out.



Client Bio

Sakonnet Technology provides trading and risk management software and services to companies in the global energy markets.

Personal History

I met a wonderful and slightly kooky friend there by the name of Thurstan Bannister. He was great to work with and had more personal energy than me on my best day. I have to repeat myself here, ‘when your client is upbeat, your project is easier to accomplish and better as a result.’


To bolster the online presence of Sakonnet, to increase the interest in their software and services, and to enable potential clients to peruse a future buying decision based on the information within.


Thirst extended the brand online. The new information and organization within the site was greatly enhanced, and shortly before its launch a Director of Product Strategy was hired to look after all marketing within the company. Thirst leveraged the employees and their commitment to their company to promote their friendly, cooperative and efficient customer service. This site is fully modular and scaleable, the template framework provided an easy way for a small company to facilitate realistic site growth and easy manageability.