Sybase Launches in Canada

Sybase decides to launch their brand into Canada and hired Thirst to create many of their intial prouduct launch materials. At this time they were vying for the number one spot in corporate database development and wanted to expand their user base.



Client Bio

Sybase focusses on the integration, management, and delivery of applications, content and data.

Personal History

All pieces of this campaign were extremely high resolution. It is of interest to note that back in 1993 image manipulation was done on very early versions of Adobe Photoshop using the equivilent of x286 computers… it took over a week just to detail their logo into the plug of the direct mail ad below. Almost all of the pieces made for Sybase took as long and I never thought they would. Lesson learned, price your work accordingly.


The Launch of Sybase Canada needed some highly visible pieces. They needed this campaign (before the ‘Internet’ was so aptly named), to extend their corporate presence into the Canadian market.


A series of highly visual advertisements were created to show how easily Sybase systems could be integrated. At year’s end, feedback from this campaign tripled from the previous year.