The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail is one of the most compelling newspapers anywhere. They call themselves Canada’s national newspaper and actually were the first ever newspaper to launch on the internet… yes they beat the New York Times. Always a good read, they have not only sustained but enhanced their brand after moving online.


The Globe and Mail

Client Bio

“Canada’s National Newspaper”, this newspaper is printed at presses across Canada.

Personal History

After working at the Toronto Star I went to the Globe and Mail because I was curious about how they worked. I was hired by Michael Gregg, the creative director who turned out to be a fantastic boss. During my time there I designed their 150th Anniversary Magazine, performed a lot of specialize feature work, designed page layouts, improved areas of the newspaper with better typography, standardized their charts with style guides, and designed special features for their weekly A1 top image. Overall a wonderful experience.


To help the newspaper with various graphic and typographic concerns; from ideas for leading graphics to style guides.


The 150th anniversary magazine and newspaper edition, the De Clerk to Mandela front page morph, and the general “finessing” of the Globe & Mail’s style.