The Guardian UK Online

The Guardian Unlimited hired Neville Brody to make the Guardian Online infinitely flexible and readable. In turn he needed help and called the IAB studious where John Schmitz and I fleshed out ideas and finalized the design.


The Guardian

Client Bio

One of the most successful and most read newspapers in the world.

Personal History

I was ever so lucky to get an opportunity to work with Neville Brody on this project so early in my new career at IAB. I can remember when this project came into the office, John Schmitz thought that I may enjoy working on it because of my editorial background and I jumped at the opportunity. Still today I think that this modular design approach is one of the best examples of great content design. The Guardian was kept clean of superfluous design additions and clearly focused on an exciting and varied layout.


Fully explore the relationship of a traditional and online medium; to make sure that the final result was both easy to work within and exciting.


Worked in partnership with Neville Brody’s London studio to push newspaper design to the edge. Completely modern and modular, easy to update and typographically rich. This traditional newspaper’s brand was pushed to its online limits.