Unique Circles

This Thursday June 11th I attended a lecture entitled ‘Tools of an attention trader’ at KDMI (University of Toronto) given by Greg Van Alstyne who is an Associate Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design. For the first half he lectured about various aspects of what a designer does and his toolset and in the second half he conducted a workshop.

A few unique circles
A few unique circles

The task given to everyone in the workshop portion was to draw out 30 circles and within five minutes have each one represented as a unique visual entity. I was enamored with the thought processes of each individual in the room, their various talents, knowledge and personal interests that lead them to draw their unique sets. The following is an amalgamation of a limited set of everyone’s work that I pieced together into the grid below.

Of course the set of circles that can be created are infinite and the circles themselves, drawn by human hand are also unique. But I just can’t help but enjoy the sameness of the group juxtaposed with their individual characteristics.





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