Wright Technology Shocks

Wright Technology, an Australian company, wanted to blast onto the computer imaging scene. They knew that they had superior imaging technology and made no bones about it. They were adamant that their introduction into the North American market place was to be bold and they wanted nothing subtle about it.


Wright Technology

Client Bio

A software technology company that makes high-end image editing solutions for prepress.

Personal History

These designs came about because we were pushed by the client to shock. Normally we would never have gone this far but the client thought that they were so far ahead of the rest of the industry technically that they could see themselves as untouchable. Admittedly their imaging software was incredible for that time.


To advertise through a blitz campaign, their new high speed image editing software, “Wright Design”.


A series of four ads that coincided with an industry show in Las Vegas. The ads were almost always controversial because of their boldness. The shock value of these ads in a staid industry really set this company apart. The feedback and recognition during this campaign was extremely high and sales of their software increased substantially. The following year the company was bought.