Family Channel

Family Channel is a wholesome cable station which advertises both to the parents and their children. Thirst performed most of their print advertising work and as a bonus I made a good friend from one of my clients.


Family Channel

Client Bio

A television channel geared towards families and their children. They are now part of the Astral Communications company.

Personal History

This was an exciting client to work for. The material was always new and the tasks were varied. But I think the best of all, were the personal working relationships that I had with their staff. They were some of the kindest souls I had ever worked with and most of them were learning and growing with their jobs which made it possible to experiment and have some fun.


Family Channel was in it’s infancy and needed to expand their viewership. They were constantly offering new shows and needed to showcase them. They needed to create awareness among the Canadian population for new programming and specific time slots and create visual identities for programming time slots.


Most of the work was done in black and white but it still had to have a wholesome attitude and a colourful personality. Over the 3+ years Thirst worked very closely with the marketing group to create many print advertisements. We also developed some of their early on air logos, which had to be colourful, and fit within the framework of Family Channel’s overall branding..