My Dream Time

Well it’s that time of year again and even if the snow hasn’t fallen, Christmas is around the corner. Last year and around this time I made a children’s book for my nephew Nathan about the life of a snowflake. This was the first time I ever attempted to make a book of this type. Influenced by a friend and motivated by my love for my nephew I spent a few weeks coming up with an idea for a series of books. This year I continue the snowflake series.

Dreamtime Book Excerpt
Dreamtime Book Excerpt – This is where it gets strange…

I think the hardest part of creating the book is the actual idea for the story. At least last year the idea of using a snowflake as the main character was developed. So for this year, I continued the story of the snowflake as a young toddler who learns that when he goes to bed, he has dreams. For simplicity sake and for my sanity, I kept the book format exactly the same. Primarily this meant that I could use my last year’s book format but I would have to write the story to fill the same number of pages. I think I made the right choice.

Again this year, as the last, I used Blurb as the service provider to print the book. Strangely enough, the only difficulty I had was when I went to load the cover artwork. Although I had used the exact same template as the previous year, Blurb’s automated upload routine told me that the cover artwork was too wide. But besides from inputting the book information again into their website forms, the updated template was easy to manage.

My Dream Time

The thrill of creating these books is simple; my nephew loves when people read to him. Fortunately for me he is only to 2½ years old and I don’t think he’ll be logging onto this website anytime soon. But I guess as he gets older and if I continue making him a book at Christmas I will have to post these articles after he unwraps his gifts. I keep wondering how long or how many times I will make him a book. Though I imagine he will not want a book from me indefinitely, when he does look back and if he had say 20 books, I think he would be quite happy and impressed with his fortune.

I hope he likes this one too… even the scary snowflake.





3 responses to “My Dream Time”

  1. Jill Hornsby

    I read this book to my 6 year old, and she loved it. But I think the evil snowflake was a little too scary for her.

  2. Ronald

    Loved the story, so did my 2 kids. You should see about do professional versions of both of your books… shop around.

  3. SamanthaG

    Came across your site by accident, looked around and read this book to my daughter. She gave me a hug afterwards. Great book ideas, you should publish.