NetMarket gets Enhanced

There were two basic tasks for this client: the identity was reworked – a simple colour reduction to help strengthen the brand’s image and the storefront was enhanced – quick previews and easy browsing for increased selling potential.



Client Bio

A Cendant company. An online superstore that has a membership model and more than 800,000 brand-name products.

Personal History

This was a case in which the client thought that they needed some adjustments to their original accepted design. Netmarket thought that they could do better so they consulted us, but as it turned out we believed that the original designs were on the right track and needed only to be delicately enhanced.


Rethink its entire branding concept and visual approach. To make the brand appear more serious and stable.


To accomplish the task, the identity was readjusted, but not changed. We did not want to alienate the members who had signed up to use this new service so its graphical representation stayed the same. However the bright primary colours of the previous logo were subdued which lessened the abrasiveness but increased the professionalism of the identity. The web site was made more like a store front, displaying merchandise rather than text and included better integration of promotional offers. A streamlined membership and purchasing capabilities was introduced that provided a clean hierarchical navigation flow. And lastly, search was made more prominent and ordering simpler.