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Discover Card Contest

By James Caldwell | Published: March 12th, 2010

Remember when you were a student at University? Now do you remember the kiosks within the front doors of your educational institution. Well for me this all came rushing back while designing this Discover Card microsite. But I have to admit I would have liked this type of interaction better than the hard sell method of yesteryear and I know it worked for Discover Card.

PHChapman Financial Logo

By James Caldwell | Published: January 2nd, 2009

The creation of a logo based on elegance for the financial world.

NetMarket gets Enhanced

By James Caldwell | Published: January 2nd, 2009

There were two basic tasks for this client: the identity was reworked – a simple colour reduction to help strengthen the brand’s image and the storefront was enhanced – quick previews and easy browsing for increased selling potential.

Perform Consulting

By James Caldwell | Published: December 31st, 2008

Perform Consulting was a startup consisting of four high level business financial consultants who had just formed a new company. They had plans and needed quick but accurate marketing material. Thirst gave them strong images, bold design and powerful typography to stand out from their competition.