Perform Consulting

Perform Consulting was a startup consisting of four high level business financial consultants who had just formed a new company. They had plans and needed quick but accurate marketing material. Thirst gave them strong images, bold design and powerful typography to stand out from their competition.


Perform Consulting

Client Bio

An international firm comprising industry experts who specialized in finacial services and public utilities offering among other services; performance measurement, benchmarking and restructuring.


To capture business share from other major consulting firms with a bold and modern approach to advertising.


Because of the size of this company’s audience, different tactics were taken to advertise services that were offered. Each piece of direct marketing or advertising was strong and confident. In every case making contact and receiving replies was the priority. This campaign was very successful, it created a marked increase (it actually quadrupled) in customer feedback and acknowledgement of the comapany’s variety of services.