Newsweek moves Online

Newsweek should be instantly recognizable for most people and because of this fact, the staff wanted an online extension that kept as faithful as possible to their print publication while establishing it’s own personality.



Client Bio

Weekly American news magazine.

Personal History

I always enjoy redesigning newspapers or magazines, on or offline. Newsweek was no different. Walking into their offices felt familiar and I understood the staff well. This bunch were more like newspaper people than magazine people and very intent on making sure that their content was king. They wanted boldness and readability, they wanted the print brand recognizable in their online brand and they wanted their magazine to take another step forward online.


To redesign the logo and website for Newsweek online but maintain the instantly recognizable style of the print magazine’s visual identity.


Extended the print brand online. Hired the original typographer, Jim Parkinson, to graft ‘.com’ onto the logo. The website gained a new navigational structure, flexible templates, and more content (copy and images) on the home page.