now I know

For those of you who have asked me if I created another Christmas Snowflake book for my nephew, I have. I was just remiss in posting it. As each year passes it gets a little more difficult to create a brand new book and figure out what the idea for the new one should be. However I did complete this fourth book for Nathan, or “Baby Nathan” as I like to refer to him. As usual, this book was fun to work on, but what was different was the fact that an idea for this book came to me rather quickly, unlike my ideas the last few years.

now I know excerpt
now I know excerpt

Nathan is getting this little bit older every year but it is just now that he is starting to appreciate the books. It was fun to watch him this year, because I think he knew what it was. I know my rather smart niece, “Baby Grace” certainly did – she is one smart cookie.

I kept the same format this year and as long as I am able, I will continue to use it because it gives the books some continuity in format and to less of an extent, they look pretty decent together on the shelf. I have kudos for Blurb again as their procedures, premade templates and easy prepress process makes it fairly simple to publish a small book run of ‘one book’.

now I know

As long as my Nephew keeps enjoying them, and doesn’t feel like his uncle is being cheap or whatever a slightly older kid may feel when receiving such a gift, I will continue to write them. But for the moment he is cute as can be and full of wonder and happiness; now if the world at large could just keep him protected and as happy for at least another 80 years or so I would be very happy.

For interest sake, the first book was about the Life of a Snowflake, the second dealt with his dreams, and the third was about having fun in the snow.






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