Show Choir Canada’s Glee

Show Choir Canada’s mission is to play a vital role in the development and support of show choirs in Canada by creating opportunities, including live competition-format presentations, that inspire youth participants to not only work together through song and dance to achieve a common goal of excellence but also grow and develop as individuals while sharing in the creative process.


Show Choir Canada

Client Bio

The official show choir organization in Canada for high school students. Show Choir Canada runs a yearly competition to find the best show choir in Canada and also has educational services for schools, teachers and students to improve their own talents.


To help solidify Show Choir Canada as the de facto authority on show choirs in Canada. To help launch, refine and distinguish SCC as the preeminent Glee showcase in the Canadian market. To create a corporate brand and a sub brand for a championship event, an educational/school brand and a brand for the Glee student community. Identity, website, promotional marketing materials, form design, etc., were all combined under the Show Choir Canada umbrella brand to solidify one juggernaut in the industry.


The branding of a new entity is always difficult when the organization is just beginning to develop who they are and what they mean to the industry as a whole. Constantly morphing, depending on its success in certain areas of the industry, Show Choir Canada was learning about both itself and the sometimes quirky nature of its audience and potential sponsors. But after a considerable number of meetings and group research, four separate but coherent entities were formed to coalesce the vision of Show Choir Canada.





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  1. GleeIsMe

    I went to this even last year and it was so much fun!!!